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Would you rather learn how to create more top 1% sales warriors from trainers who’ve never been at the top? Or would you rather learn how to create more top 1% sales warriors FROM the top 1%?  

It’s time to hire the training company that will unleash your sales right now. And that’s FPG.  

Our mission at FPG is to unleash human performance by redefining training, transforming cultures and changing lives. If you want an unleashed culture that drives more profit through your people right now, then FPG is your answer.


TACTICS OVER THEORY So many training programs only focus on the theory behind WHY certain behaviors drive profit. They give you the idea without the practical steps to carry it out. FPG zeroes in on the tactical steps you need to create sustainable growth that continually breaks sales plateaus. 

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BELIEFS OVER BEHAVIORS FPG focuses not just on the behaviors, but on the root beliefs that produce those behaviors. When your sales professionals believe they're worth more, they'll sell more - and keep selling more - from day one.

PROGRAM-BASED OVER EVENT-BASED A lot of training companies call themselves training companies, but they're nothing more than a one-day event. FPG provides lasting value with ongoing lesson-based programs that break comfort zones and create new levels of performance. 

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SALES AND LEADERSHIP TRAINING OVER SALES TRAINING Research shows you'll sell three times more when you train your coaches alongside the frontline sales team. We show the coaches how to hold their people accountable, and that pushes the whole company's profit growth forward.  

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CULTURE SHIFT OVER THE SHOT IN THE ARM Our definition of culture is what happens behind the boss's back. Your goal as a company is to have a culture where your sales professionals are just as productive and profitable whether their coach is there or not. That's the culture we create through our programs.  


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Listen to what Division Presidents and Sales Leaders are saying about FPG's Coaching program.

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Hear what Sales Professionals have to say about FPG's Warrior Sales program. 

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Still want more? That's great! We believe in "More is More" 


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We're a company. It may sound obvious, but FPG is the exception. Most training "companies" are either someone in their pajamas working out of their kitchen or a franchisee with low accountability. Unlike others, FPG is professional all the way through. Our trainers are employees, not contract workers, and we're known across industries for our team's operational excellence. At the end of the day, you can go with a company that makes strategic decisions over the kitchen table, or you can go with FPG.

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We customize. From the lessons we create to the seminars we have together, every single thing we do for you is customized specifically for you. We pride ourselves on our customer intimacy - every step we take together is designed to form-fit to your needs at any given time. We get to know your needs so you can start driving profit through your people from day one. We take the time other training companies don't to care about your team's needs, because we know it's the best way to grow. 

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Our in-house studio and media team. At best, other training companies pump out a new program every four or five years. More likely, they'll still be using the same programs they used 25 years ago. At FPG, our in-house film studio and dedicated media team allows us to create and film new content every single week. That means we release new profit-driving programs every single year, and that sort of innovation goes straight to your bottom line.

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Month-to-month contracts. Unlike other training companies, we want to continually earn your business each and every day. And unlike every other training company, our contracts are month-to-month. We don't lock you in because we don't believe any client is required to give us their money if we're not providing above-and-beyond value. We don't believe in entitlement, which is why we work harder than any other training company to earn your business every single month.

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We eat our own dog food. Everything you do, we do. So many training companies tell you to do something without practicing it themselves. We believe you can't teach something unless you live by it, which means every concept you learn, we practice. We spend eight hours per week training our trainers just so they have the knowledge and belief to not just teach our concepts, but to live them out on a daily basis.


FPG (Forrest Performance Group) is focused on mastering the art and science of human performance. A global leader and designer of sales, management, customer service and executive training programs, FPG is a dedicated team of individuals committed to helping you and your company reach new heights of performance. FPG is currently a Best Place to Work in Fort Worth, TX by FW inc. Magazine, and is ranked by Inc. 5000 as one of the nation's Fastest-Growing Private Companies for 2016 and 2017.  

FPG is the winner of five Stevie Awards for being among the most effective and sustainable sales, leadership and customer service training companies in the world. Jason Forrest, FPG’s CEO and Chief Culture Officer, has won a Stevie for being the top sales trainer in the world out of 40 different countries and more than 2,000 entries. Jason has also been named Training Magazine's Top Young Trainer of the Year and his book, Leadership Sales Coaching, won Selling Power's Best Books for Success award. Find your program today by contacting us at 1-800-821-3956 or at Follow FPG on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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Named one of the Nation's Best Places to Work for in 2017

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Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company 2016 & 2017

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Gold Stevie Award for Best Sales Coaching Program in 2016

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It's time to become UNLEASHED!

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