The Top 10 Reasons Why People Do Not Implement The Training They Are Taught  

  • More than 70% of training programs fail to produce a positive ROI
  • Most trainers have great ideas but don't know how to help people put the training into action
  • Discover how you can avoid the training pitfalls and achieve real, measurable results with your employees


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  • Publisher: MJS Press
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Chapter 9: Why Do so Many Lottery Winners Go Broke?

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Chapter 8: If You Want Your Children to be the Best in Sports, Do You Just Sign The Check, Or Do You Get Involved?

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Chapter 7: If You Want to be Rich, Do you Take Advice from Poor People or Rich People?  

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Chapter 6: Why is it That the Level of Someone's Education Does Not Correlate to How Successful They Will be in Sales?

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Chapter 5: What if Bill Walsh, Pete Carroll, or Nick Saban Ran Your Team?  

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Chapter 4: When Your Kids are Preparing for a Big Test, Do You Tell Them It's Going to be Difficult for Them to do Well?

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Chapter 3: Would You Label Your Children High-Maintenance, Overpaid, Prima Donnas? Then Why Would You Call Employees That?

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Chapter 2: Why Do People Still Buy Roadies When It's Illegal to Drink and Drive?  

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Chapter 1: Would You Get On The Operating Table With a Doctor That Only Went to a Two-Day Seminar to Learn How to Perform Your Procedure?

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Jeffrey Hayzlett CEO of The Hayzlett Group  

"Jason Forrest knows so much about sales training success - he has written the definitive book to make sure you own sales training program will not fail. Read this book to find out if your own sales program passes or fails!"

About the Author Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest is the CEO of Forrest Performance Group, the nation’s fastest growing sales training company. Named one of the world’s most influential sales professionals by Global Gurus in 2019, Jason is a leading authority in culture change programs and an expert at creating high-performance, high-profit, and "Best Place to Work" cultures. Jason is the winner of seven international Stevie Awards for his sales process and training programs, ranging from sales professionals to coaches to executives. He’s also the award-winning author of six books, including Leadership Sales Coaching, named one of Selling Power Magazine’s Top Sales Books. FPG is a three-time Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company and has won four local, regional, and national awards as a best place to work in the last three years. FPG was also named to the Watch List for Training Industry’s Top Sales Training Companies list in 2019 as one of the most innovative sales training companies in the world. As a sales warrior, author, keynote speaker, and coach, Jason’s mission is to empower professionals and executives to unleash their human performance and mentally master their inner abilities in sales, management, culture and service. With two decades of coaching and speaking experience, Jason Forrest is a member of the acclaimed National Speaker Association's Million Dollar Speaker Group, and each year Jason delivers more than 100 keynotes for sales teams, managers, and executives. For more information about Jason, please visit his Facebook page here.  

About FPG

FPG is focused on mastering the art and science of human performance. A global leader and designer of sales, management, customer service and executive training programs, FPG is a dedicated team of individuals committed to helping you and your company succeed. It is named Best Place to Work in the U.S. by Inc. magazine & Fort Worth, TX by FWInc Magazine, and is ranked by Inc. 5000 as one of the nation’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in 2016 & 2017.